Welcome to the creative expressions of NASCAR race driver Shawna Robinson.

Her background in professional racing spans more than 20 years.
Her creativity and passion for design go back even further.

A note from Shawna

I grew up in Iowa... a place I love. I now live in Charlotte, NC where I am raising two beautiful children (teens!!). My history is in motorsports, which is what brought me to the Carolinas. I was a driver for many years in the NASCAR series. In between the "fast" life, I would paint murals or create fun design in homes and businesses.

I love big, bold crazy color. I love art. I love animals and as is evident from my past as a race car driver, I love the thrill of taking risks. I've combined these loves to create Happy Chair; a unique, soul stirring, heartwarming furniture company designed to create happiness!

Happy Chair finds worn and weathered pieces and gives them new life. My heart, soul and hands personally go into each piece of furniture designed to e a Happy Chair. I brazenly mix and reconstruct new and vintage fabrics. Exciting patterns and inspired details bring unique character to life in each original piece. Once completed each Happy Chair is given a name based on its distinct personality. Yes it takes time, creativity and patience but the end result is magic derived from passion.

My furniture combines what I've known all my life-taking risks and constructing a loving home environment. Go out, discover what the world has in store for you. Explore adventure for an hour, a day, or even a month. Then come home and continue the adventure as you curl up or stretch out in your very own Happy Chair.

Shawna Robinson the Racer

Being a trendsetter to Shawna Robinson is as natural as bees to honey. The two just go hand in hand.

Since 1984, when Shawna broke barriers as a woman driver by hopping into a big rig truck and not only raced, but won events and honors such as Rookie Driver of The Year in The Great American Truck Racing Series (GATR), to her many firsts in the world of Stock Car racing ranging from being the first woman driver in modern times to win a NASCAR sanctioned race in the Goody's Dash Series. Shawna continued to shine in the Dash Series, when she became the first woman driver to qualify first (pole position) for a race. She also garnered both Rookie of The Year and Most Popular Driver of the Year awards as well during her Dash Series days. The firsts and accolades continued for Shawna as she added becoming the first woman driver to qualify on the pole in the Busch Series (now Nationwide Series). Shawna raced in the ARCA Series as well proving that although some people discriminate because of gender, a gas pedal and a race car definitely does not. Shawna excelled and set standards in every stock car series she raced in.

After the birth of her two children, Shawna continued to be a trendsetter by impressively coming back to racing to become the first woman driver to finish in the Top 10 in standings for a national oval track sports series when she did just that in the ARCA Series. To this day, Shawna holds the ARCA Daytona race record for the highest finishing woman driver with a 2nd place, a record that has held for more than a decade. In 2001, Shawna became the first woman driver to complete a NASCAR Cup Series race in 20 years, when she did so at the June race at Michigan International Speedway. In its 50 year history, there have only been two women to ever race the Daytona 500. In 2002, Shawna raced her way into and finished every lap of the Daytona 500, thusly becoming the last woman driver to hold that distinction.

Wanting to spend more quality time with her two children, Shawna devoted her time being a single mom and a role model to many. She shifted gears from the race track to her second passion, the world of design.

With her many connections in the racing world, Shawna was afforded the opportunity to do interior design work both at private residences and at race shops of drivers such as; Dale Earnhardt Jr; Ernie Irvan, Michael Waltrip, Martin Truex Jr. and Kasey Kahne among others. Shawna's eye for design and fresh, cutting edge ideas coupled with her yearning for that comfortable place every kid had growing up lead her to start her Happy Chair custom design of furniture.

With a gallery, of one of a kind pieces to choose from on her website or upon request customizing of special pieces of choice, Shawna has proven to be yet again a trendsetter in furniture design.

Enjoy the website and erase the clouds from your mind and go back in time or into your future and find your comfortable place in one of Shawna Robinson's Happy Chairs. You will be glad you chose the conversation piece that comforts.

Download a PDF about Shawna Robinson, Happy Chairs and NASCAR.